Calendar Relay

Make two sets of 3” x 5” cards on which are written the names of the months. Divide the children into 2 teams. For this relay, give all cards, mixed up, to the first person in each team. He passes them, one at a time, down the line to the last person. This player arranges them in order on the floor in front of him. When this has been done correctly, he passes the cards back to the first player, who also arranges them correctly on the floor. The team to do this first wins.

Days-of-the-Month Scramble

The leader says, “Get into groups of three.” The children scramble around to form groups of three and sit down. The leader says, “Get into groups of five,” and so on.

Gift Exchange

Have the children sit in a circle. Give each child a gift. While music is being played, each child hands his gift to the next person. This continues while the music plays. When the music stops, the passing stops. Continue for several rounds and then say, “Happy Birthday” to everybody! Each one opens the gift he has.

Month Exchange

Form a circle and give each child the name of a month. “It” calls out two months. The children with these months exchange places before “It” can get one of their places.

Month Scramble

Make two sets of 3” x 5” cards on which are written the names of the months. Divide the children into 2 teams. Give each child a card. At a signal, the team members scramble and arrange themselves in the correct order from January to December.

Put the Candle on the Cake

Make cakes from poster board. Attach to the wall with masking tape. Give each child a paper candle or a small birthday candle. Play as “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” by giving each child a chance to put his candle on the cake.

Toy Tag

Designate one wall as one goal, the other wall as the opposite goal. Someone is chosen to be “It” and stands in the center. Whisper the name of some toy to each child. Supply a duplicate list of these toys to the one who is to be the caller. As the game gets underway, the caller says the name of a toy. The child who hears his toy called must attempt to run to the opposite goal line. If he is caught, then he and “It” exchange places and “It” takes the name of that toy.