1. Let your nervousness be a plus.

Breath deeply before starting. A certain amount of tension will help make your story telling come alive.

2. Have everyone's attention before starting.

Wait quietly. Never raise your voice to speak above the noise.

3. Be natural.

Stand or sit in a natural position. Do not force or overdo gestures. Meaningless gestures only distract.

4. Look directly at the children, including all members of the group.

Don't look over the heads or out the window! Take in the whole group.

5. Hold your Bible when telling a Bible story.

6. Banish backtracking.

If you leave out a vital point, find a way to work it in. Saying, "Oh, I forgot" and backtracking interrupts the flow. You don't want to interrupt the flow of the story in any way.

If you loose someone's attention, pause and wait.

Eyeball the pupil distracting. Communicate non-verbally.

7. When you come to the end of the story, STOP!