Materials Needed: A large gift bag with NOTHING in it.
What do you see here? (Gift bag) How do you feel inside when you see that bag? (Happy, excited)
Why? (Because it might be for you; there might be a surprise inside) What do you think might be in a bag of this size?
I would like for (name a child) to come and peek in the bag and tell everyone what is inside. (Nothing)
Are you SURE there is nothing in the bag. Check one more time. (Nothing)
(Shake the bag upside down to show the children it is empty.)
How many of you have ever received a birthday gift and were so excited to open it, but when you did there was nothing in it? How would you feel inside if that ever happened? (Sad and confused as to why someone would give an empty gift)
The Bible tells us of two ladies who went to see where they had put Jesus after He had been crucified, only to find the tomb was EMPTY — totally EMPTY! It was a day that would change everyone’s lives forever.
From Sing Through the Year interactive curriculum (13 holiday lessons and songs)