Music is soothing to babies and the effect of music on children is awesome! Sleep Little One is perfect for new moms, moms to be, baby gifts, the church nursery, or just for quiet times at home!
When ordering 10 or more of this item, you can receive a 50% discount! Available on phone orders only: 818-790-5805.  To listen to song clips from this album, click HERE.

Carol Henry says: "We make gift bags for new moms which are taken to the hospital or home after a baby is born or adopted. This has been a cute baby gift bag, but we are thinking of something more permanent which the mom could use in the nursery like a white basket, galvanized “bucket” or clear paint can. We order Sleep Little One lullaby CD’s and receive a 50% discount because we purchase them via phone in quantity. We also include a baby/ toddler Bible, a parenting book, a diaper bag tag from our church, and a brochure with information about our nursery policies. It is my dream to also put in a handmade baby blanket (crochet, knit) from someone in our church. If we had tons of money, we would also include a gift certificate for a massage for mom!"