A NIGHT WITH THE LIONS - Bible Story & Lesson

BIBLE STORY: "A Night with Lions" (Daniel 6:1-28)

Instructions: Every time the children hear the word "pray" or "prayed", they stand, fold their hands, bow their heads, and then sat back in their seats.

God blessed Daniel. He made Daniel wise. The king of Babylon was a good king and soon put Daniel in charge of the whole kingdom.

The officials of the king became jealous. They tried to find something bad about Daniel. But Daniel was a good man. He always prayed to God. He always obeyed God. The men could not find anything bad.

So the officials got together and said, "We've got to come up with an idea. We've got to find a way to get rid of Daniel because he prays to his God." They thought and thought and thought and finally came up with a plan.

The officials went to the king. "Let's make a new law," they said. "Let's say that for the next thirty days, no one is to pray to any god except you. Anyone who disobeys will be thrown into the lions' den."

That sounded good to the king, so he made a new law. But he had forgotten about Daniel and how he always prayed three times a day to his God.

Daniel heard about the new law. He knew this would be hard, but he was going to do what was right. He went to his window in the morning and prayed to God like he always had. All the people saw Daniel.

At noon, he went to his window and prayed to God like he always had. All the people saw Daniel.

In the evening, he went to his window and prayed to God like he always had. All the people saw Daniel.

The king didn't know what to do. He was so upset. He wanted to get Daniel out of the mess he had gotten him into, but the king knew he couldn't change the law he had just made. He said to Daniel: "Your God, to whom you are so loyal, will get you out of this."

The soldiers grabbed Daniel and put him into the lions' den.

The lions were hungry! The lions got closer and closer to Daniel.

But none of the lions opened their mouths. God had sent an angel to close their mouths, so they could not eat Daniel.

The next morning, the king got up and hurried to the lions' den. As he came near, he called out: "Has your God, whom you serve so loyally, saved you from the lions?"

"Yes, He has!" Daniel replied and he told the king about God sending the angel who shut the lions' mouths.

Daniel had trusted God and God had saved him. God was with Daniel and watched over him. God helped Daniel.

DISCUSSION: Talk with the boys and girls about situations in their lives where God will help them. Discuss how things work together for good if we trust God and always do what is right.

SONG: "All Things Work Together for Good" by Mary Rice Hopkins (from Lighthouse album)


BIBLE VERSE: "I am with you and will watch over you whever you go" (Genesis 28:15).


Younger Children: Use motions when saying the verse, for key words such as "I", "watch", "you" and "go".

Older Children: Print the scripture verse and reference on a chalkboard or whiteboard. Read the verse together. Choose a child to erase one word. Read the verse together again. Choose another child to erase another word and continue until the scripture has been erased and the verse is being said from memory.

CRAFT: Daniel in Lion's Den

Needed: 1 tissue box for each child; construction paper; scissors; glue; crayons.

Activity: Older children can draw their own lions and a picture of Daniel. For younger boys and girls, you may want to provide the pictures. The children can make a den from the tissue box and place the lions and Daniel inside.