PUPPETS WITH A HEART - Creative Way to Teach Children

If you really want to make a difference in teaching and reaching children, use PUPPETS WITH A HEART. Boys and girls are captivated by these unique characters who seem to relate to their everyday problems.

Darcie Maze is the creator of this distinctive line of Puppets With A Heart -- which all have removable hearts which are used for guiding children through the challenges of today's world, including healing broken hearts.

For over 30 years Darcie has captivated the hearts of children and adults with her exceptional gift of puppetry. In addition, she is known nationally for her teacher-training workshops and seminars, crossing many denominational lines.

You can purchase Darcie's lessons or create your own when using the puppets.

In 2003, Darcie teamed with Mary Rice Hopkins who is internationally known for her music ministry to children and families. They have combined their unique gifts to provide exciting family concerts and much-demanded creative teacher-training workshops that are ministering to the church at large.

Their newest release, Mary Rice Hopkins & Puppets with a Heart, is a high-definition DVD with two hours of captivating topics about: choices and character, peer pressure, being yourself, brokenness, serving with our talents and values. Mary and Darcie's desire is to give hope to families that are broken and dealing with tough stuff. There is always something in the puppet's heart to illustrate how they are feeling and the negative is replaced with a Bible verse. Their new DVD has received the Dove Foundation "5-Star Seal of Approval" and "Parent's Choice Award." It is receiving rave reviews, and TV stations across the world are waiting to air their new program.

Currently, TBN is airing segments from the DVD. Brenda Rossman, Children's Program Director for TBN, says the shows are receiving outstanding ratings and in response to the new show she says "Darcie's Puppet's with a Heart are going to give Elmo and Kermit a run for their money. Mary Rice Hopkins and Puppets with a Heart is the Christian version of Sesame Street ."