Buy the new "If I Knew How to Moo" downloadable curriculum and get a FREE "I I Knew How to Moo" CD!  

The eleven If I Knew How to Moo lessons engage children ages 4-7 in activities which build character qualities in their lives: acceptance, respect, creativity, caring, compassion, attentiveness, friendliness, kindness, helpfulness, cooperation, determination, confidence, capable, cheerfulness, active.   

The curriculum includes easy-to-follow lesson formats, creative ideas, options for enriching activities and fun animal songs. Each lesson has a welcoming opener, song, circle time learning, movement, creative arts ideas, extended activities and piano accompaniment music.  

If I Knew How to Moo curriculum provides the teacher with meaningful learning experience resources and eliminates time-consuming lesson planning.  The lessons can be used for schools, church and/or home use. 

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