by Linda J. Stevenson

Lord, help me be aware of the potentiality
That lies within each precious child that You have sent to me.
Help me to see through Heaven’s eyes their possibility
And daily instill values that will last eternally.

You've shown your faith in me with this responsibility
And, Lord, I pray you'll never be dissatisfied with me.
But, God,I must ask you for Your strength to meet the task;
That daily You will help me—that’s all I really ask.

For when I grow impatient, slow me down and speak to me
And remind me of the child that I once used to be.
God, grant to me the wisdom that I need to thus impart
And nurture the potential you have planted in their heart.

For they're like a tender flower awaiting to unfold
And oh the awesome beauty that one day we will behold.
So, Lord, I want to thank you for your trust and confidence,
And for the opportunity to make a difference.

The task will not be easy, but if you will work through me
Together we will change a life for all eternity.

(Copyrighted by Linda J. Stevenson.  May be copied and used for local church use.)