Rahab Hides Spies Story-on-a-Tray Craft

Needed for Each Child: Styrofoam tray (6" x 8"), three slotted round wooden clothespins, fine-point marker, craft glue, clear tape, three pices of material (2 1/2" x 3"), scissors, and small pieces of straw.

Activity: The children dress the two spies and Rahab by rolling pieces of material around the clothespins and gluing (our using clear tape). Faces are drawn using he marker. The two spies can be glued or double-taped to the Styrofoam tray so they don't roll in transport. To make Rahab stand, gently push the bottom of the clothespin through the tray. cover the spies with straw and also make a pile by Rahab. Encourage the kids to take their Story-on-a-Tray home and share with their family how Rahab kindly helped the spies and how the spies helped Rahab.  

Song: "Rahab's Grace" from Dancing in the Desert album. (Click on song title to hear a clip.)