Parting of the Red Sea Craft

 Needed for Each Child: Three sheets white construction paper; blue and brown crayons stripped of the paper; Scotch tape; scissors; one-half toilet paper roll; 2 wiggly eyes (optional); washable colored markers; Elmer’s glue.  

Activity: The boys and girls rub one side of a sheet of white construction paper brown for dirt. Children crayon rub both sides of another piece of white construction paper blue to represent water and then cut in half to form two 4 ¼” x 11” pieces. These two pieces are taped to the brown sheet. Children color the toilet paper roll with markers, design a face, and attach to the roll to make an Israelite person. The craft project can be used for re-telling the Bible story by parting the sea (opening the flaps) and the person walking across on the dirt path. 

(More interactive lessons on the life of Moses are available in the new DANCING IN THE DESERT digital curriculum and accompanying CD by Mary Rice Hopkins.)