The First Christmas Day - Children's Lesson

BIBLE STORY: A Special Baby Is Born

Preparation: Make a sheep stick puppet. Pattern.
Story (Told by the sheep puppet): I was all tucked in for a good night’s sleep on the fields outside Bethlehem. The sky was really dark but I wasn’t afraid because our shepherds were watching over us. It was quite -- really, really quiet.

I was just about asleep, when I heard one of the shepherds say: “Do you see what I see?”

Another shepherd said, “Yes, and I’m scared.”

By now I was wide awake. So were my mommy and daddy and aunts and uncles and cousins. We were all looking up at the light in the sky!

An angel said: “Do not be afraid. I have good news! A Baby has been born tonight.”

I was thinking, “You woke me up to say a baby has been born?”

The angel continued talking: “This is a very SPECIAL baby -- a Savior. His name is Jesus.”

And now the shepherds were talking: “A Savior? Can this be true?”

The angel said to the shepherds: “It's true. Baby Jesus is in Bethlehem. He's in a stable - all wrapped up in strips of cloth -- tucked in -- lying in a manger.”

And then suddenly the sky was FULL of angels! Angels everywhere! I looked up at my mommy and said: “Do you hear what I hear? The angels are all praising God!”

They were saying: "Glory to God in the highest.” Would you boys and girls say that with me: “Glory to God in the highest.” Let’s say it together again: “Glory to God in the highest.”

The shepherds fell on their knees to the ground in worship.

Then the angels in the sky left. The light disappeared. It was dark again. And quiet.
Then one of the shepherds said: “I wonder if what we just heard is true?”

Another responded: “It MUST be true! An angel told us! There's only one way to be sure. We must go to Bethlehem and find out.”

I scampered along with the shepherds as they hurriedly walked to Bethlehem and sure enough -- just as the angel had said -- there was Mary and Joseph. I quietly walked over to the manger and peeked in. And there was baby Jesus all wrapped up warm and sleeping.

After seeing baby Jesus, the shepherds told everyone what had happened and what the angel had said to them about the Child. Then we all went back to our hillside. The shepherds were praising God and saying wonderful things about Him.

SONG: “The First Christmas Day” (by Mary Rice Hopkins - Mary Christmas album)

BIBLE VERSE: “A Savior has been born.” (Luke 2:11, NIV)


The teacher quotes the scripture and reference and tags a child who then repeats the verse with the teacher. The tagged pupil tags someone else and all three say the verse. Continue until all have been tagged.

MAKE ‘N TAKE CREATIVE ACTIVITY: Sheep Stick Puppet (See Picture)

Materials Needed for Each Child: Sheep pattern found at:; white cover paper; cotton balls; crayons; masking tape or glue; scissors; tongue depressor.

Activity: The children cut out the sheep pattern, glue on cotton balls and color as desired. The tongue depressor can be attached to the back side with masking tape or glue. Encourage the boys and girls to tell the Bible story to their families using their puppets.


Allow children to re-create the Bible story using Play-Doh. They can make sheep, a star, the manger with Baby Jesus, sheep, etc. Homemade Play-Doh recipes can be found at:

SNACK: Sheep Sugar Cookies

Needed for Each Child: A sheep-shaped sugar cookie; white icing, white miniature marshmallows, one M & M candy; plastic spoon

Activity: The children spread icing on the sheep with the back of a plastic spoon and then add marshmallows for the wool and an M & M candy for the eye.