Jesus Heals A Paralyzed Man - Bible Story & Lesson

BIBLE STORY: based on Mark 2:1-12

Instructions: Make a New Testament home from a box (see picture). Cut open a door and cut out a hole in the roof. Make one mat of cloth and craft sticks. Create a second mat with four pieces of yarn attached to each corner. Gather together play people. Use these props for telling the story.

Everyone wanted to see Jesus! There were lots and lots and lots of people around the house.

At the edge of the crowd was a man who could not walk. He was lying on a stretcher.
His friends had taken him to see Jesus.

They looked and looked and looked around. There were SO many people! HOW were they going to get their friend close to Jesus?

Suddenly one of them had an idea! They got their heads together in a huddle and talked.

Finally one said: “Okay! Let’s try it!”

They climbed up the steps on the outside of the house, removed some of the tiles from the roof, placed the paralyzed man on a mat, and lowered him down through the roof into the house where Jesus was.

Jesus said to the paralyzed man: “Get up. Take your mat and go home.”

The man was so excited that Jesus had healed him! He got up and all the way home he said: “Glory to God. I’m healed. Glory to God!”

SONG: “Jesus Cares for Me” by Mary Rice Hopkins from Come Meet Jesus album.

BIBLE VERSE: “(Jesus) healed all the sick.” (Matthew 8:16b).


Have the children stand in a circle. Say the Bible verse in unison 3 times. The teacher throws a nerf ball to a child. That child and the person standing to his/her right, say the verse together with the teacher. The ball is thrown back to the teacher. Continue until all have had a chance to catch the ball and quote the verse.


Needed for Each Child: 3” x 4” piece of material; 4 craft sticks; glue; construction paper; crayons; scissors.

Activity: Each child creates a stretcher like the one used in the Bible story, by gluing the cloth between 4 craft sticks. The children then draw, color and cut out a paralyzed man.


Allow the children to re-tell the story, using the props.


Have the children cover a graham cracker with frosting and place a small gingerbread man on top. As they review the story, have them think of ways they can bring their friends to Jesus.


Dear Heavenly Father: Just like the men carried their friend to Jesus for healing, we want to bring our friends to Jesus, too. We can do this by telling our friends about Jesus and bringing them to Him in prayer. Thank you so much for hearing and anwering our prayers.